In an attempt to learn more about Photoshop compositing, I found CC0 images from and started learning. I created four series of three images in order to see what I could create while learning the methods.
In this series, I used the theme of clouds to see what I could create. The first image uses the concept of the Butterfly Effect to create a larger than life creature. The second image uses multiple images to create an umbrella of clouds for when you need to have your head in the clouds. And the last image shows a nice location to fish for dreams.
This series used the theme of fruits and people because at the end of the day, you are what you eat.
This series had a theme of 'what you're made of.' There is less visual cohesiveness among these images, however each piece shows what that character is made of either in what completes them, what's inside of them, and what they try to accomplish.
And this final series had the theme of size. As a closing project, I decided to go with something more simple to see if I could work out making scale look natural. I still need to improve some areas of my composting, however I am very happy with how this first voyage has gone.
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